sâmbătă, 19 martie 2011


Ce lume si ce oameni,mai bine ma abtin ca-mi vine sa le zic vreo doua...

What a world,what a mess
Please put me out of this stress
To survive on this planet
To think for a single minute
"What have I done?"
You born poor,you die poor
You acomplish nothing
While others burn money for fun
And you say "Shit!
I have nothing to eat"
"That's right,but why don't you try to have a life,a family?"
There's always hope for all of us
On the first look we seem different
But if you look a bit close,we are the same...
The same dreams,the same desires
We dont't wish health or love
We only wish money,a piece of paper
God what a world,what a world

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