miercuri, 6 iulie 2011

I Love You

"Tonight, ooh tonight
I need to survive
Whithout you
That`s why I`m beging you
Stay with me tonight
`Cuz I was born
Yo tell you "I Love You"
And I will do
Everyhting that you ask me
Please stay with me tonight
I can`t stop thinking at you
`Cuz I am torn
To do what I have to
And thet thing is
To tell you "I Love You"
The whole world
Must know that "I Love You"
In the end
I`m beging you
Stay with me tonight..."

miercuri, 22 iunie 2011

To be

"You are
And I am
We are together
Look at us now
We made it
Feel my heart now
I made it
Only because of you
We are so crazy
But together we are forming
A beautiful couple
Not so far away
We barely knew eachother
But in this very moment
I feel I can say anything to you
And you will understand me
I can`t wait to see you again
I hope we will last forever
In the end I want to say
Whet you will hear every day
Three magical words
<< I Love You >>"

duminică, 19 iunie 2011


"Take a second to relax
Just to make things last
From time to time
As the work is done
Still we live our life
In a big city
Often we get lonely
In the park
We make a mark
That will last
Enough for you to find it
And it will lend you to someone
Someone that loves you
A star it`s created in the quiet of the night
And it watches over both of them
So young and deeply in love
How could you possibly not like them?"