miercuri, 22 iunie 2011

To be

"You are
And I am
We are together
Look at us now
We made it
Feel my heart now
I made it
Only because of you
We are so crazy
But together we are forming
A beautiful couple
Not so far away
We barely knew eachother
But in this very moment
I feel I can say anything to you
And you will understand me
I can`t wait to see you again
I hope we will last forever
In the end I want to say
Whet you will hear every day
Three magical words
<< I Love You >>"

duminică, 19 iunie 2011


"Take a second to relax
Just to make things last
From time to time
As the work is done
Still we live our life
In a big city
Often we get lonely
In the park
We make a mark
That will last
Enough for you to find it
And it will lend you to someone
Someone that loves you
A star it`s created in the quiet of the night
And it watches over both of them
So young and deeply in love
How could you possibly not like them?"

luni, 13 iunie 2011


Daca tu vrei
Putem pleca spre paradis
Atata timp cat sunt cu tine
Nu ma mai intereseaza de nimic in lume
Chipul tau angelic
Imi lumineaza viata
Atingerea ta delicata ma gadila usor
Iar sarutul tau prelung
Ma mentine pe acel drum lung
Spre fericire
Incompleta fara tine
In incheiere iti marturisesc cu putere
Te Iubesc."

marți, 7 iunie 2011

Happy Again:)

"So much streets
With empty dreams
I`m getting tired
But I don`t think I`m wired
Because I can see her
I`m getting closer
Closer and closer
I`m stunned by her beauty
In a moment I kiss her
Something magic happens
We fall In Love
And our problems dissapear
They even run with fear
Everything thanks to her
I can`t wait to see her again
When she messages me
My heart pumps harder
And I have butterflies in my stomach
I can`t hold it
I totally Love her