joi, 24 februarie 2011

They call it : "Love"

Let's talk about love,I think it is endless.You can love anybody but you must be honest and really be in  love with that "Special Person". It is like an entity,a ghost that appear and dissapeares, you have it by  your self and dissapeares leaving you in pain...  Always love and threat her well because  you never know when it might dissapear.
Love,love…love is endless
An emotion so strong!
That it even makes me fly
“I have butterflies in my stomach” you say
Because you feel  something  for  that  special  person
Beautiful  and  unique
You  must  do  anything  to  have  her
She  ignores  you  at  all
“Don`t give up
Keep  trying and  trying
Until you are connected “

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